Yes, but you must use the MIG process, 100% argon shielding gas and aluminum welding wire. This wire is Campbell Hausfeld part number WE3030.


Changing to a Teflon wire liner is recommend to avoid contamination from wire types used previously, and to reduce drag on the welding wire. When using aluminum wire, reverse the drive roller so that the smooth side is facing the outside of the welder. Use a contact tip designed specifically for aluminum.


Campbell Hausfeld offers an aluminum welding kit that consists of a Teflon wire liner, a smooth groove drive roller for .024" to .035" wire and four aluminum contact tips for .030" wire. The model number for this kit will be in the owner's manual for your model.


Always clean the weld and ground clamp areas on aluminum with a stainless steel brush to prevent contamination. Even new sheets of aluminum need to be cleaned, because aluminum oxidizes so quickly. The oxidation is sometimes too thin to see, but is still thick enough to interfere with welding.


Make sure the ground clamp and connection spot are clean. Place ground clamp as close as possible to the weld area. Flux-core aluminum welding wire is not available.