Why is my welder not feeding wire?

  • If the orange duty cycle light is on, wait for the welder to cool down.
  • If the rollers on the drive deck are not moving, the tension could be too tight. You should see three threads on the top of the tensioner.
  • The drive roller could be dirty or worn.
  • Wire could be caught in the tip. Remove the tip and pull or feed wire through torch. Pull or feed 10 feet of wire out. Cut off excess and reattach tip.
  • If the wire is bent, unraveled, old or rusted, replace it with new wire.
  • The wire liner could be worn. If so, replace it.
  • If there is a fuse on the speed board, check to see if the fuse needs to be replaced. If the board does not have a fuse, the entire board may need to be replaced. Call 1-800-746-5641 for additional technical assistance if needed.