All air tools require lubrication throughout their life. Impact wrenches must be lubricated in two separate areas: the air motor and the impact mechanism.

The impact wrench’s air motor is powered by compressed air. Because moisture in compressed air will rust the air motor, you must lubricate the motor after each use. You cannot lubricate an air motor too often.

To lubricate the air motor, follow these steps:

1) Disconnect the tool from the air supply and hold it upside down so the air inlet faces up.

2) Pull the trigger on the tool and put 3-4 drops (a teaspoon) of Campbell Hausfeld air tool oil in the air inlet. Pulling the trigger helps circulate oil throughout the motor.

3) Connect the tool to an air supply, cover the exhaust port with a towel, and run the tool in both directions. Remove the towel, and your tool is ready to use.

Note: The motor must be lubricated daily or before each use, and after each use to prevent corrosion inside the tool. An air motor cannot be oiled too often, but can become messy if over oiled.

The impact mechanism transfers power from the tool to a nut or bolt. Oil in the mechanism is forced out and must be replaced. Lubricate the impact mechanism four times a year; more often if a tool is used more than ten hours a week.

To lubricate and clean the impact mechanism and front bearing, follow these steps:

1) Remove the slotted screw or allen head screw from the body of the tool.

2) Put approximately 1 oz. of Campbell Hausfeld air tool oil in the screw hole.

3) Replace the screw, then operate the tool for thirty seconds in both directions.

4) Remove the screw and drain the excess oil from the housing, leaving a thin film of oil inside. Repeat the above steps if oil leaving the tool is dirty or thick. The tool isn't damaged if excess oil is left in the tool, but you won't get top performance.

5) Replace the screw and tighten; your tool is ready to use.