The only welders equipped with regulators are MIG welders, but not all MIG models come with regulators. Examine your carton closely before assuming that it is missing. If your model did not include a regulator, it can be purchased separately. Campbell Hausfeld MIG models that are equipped with regulators will include one of three different types:


  1. Preset to 30 cubic feet per hour (cfh).
  2. Adjustable, without gauges. You will need to turn the adjustment knob clockwise to increase flow and counter-clockwise to decrease flow. Maximum flow for this regulator is approximately 30 to 35 cfh.
  3. Adjustable, with gauges. Use the same adjustment as described above. One gauge shows the tank pressure, which tells you the amount of shielding gas remaining. The other gauge shows the flow rate selected by the position of the adjustment knob.