My sprayer will not build up enough pressure to spray. (No knocking noise)?

  • If there is fluid coming from the bypass hose while the prime/spray knob is in the “Spray” position, the valve is clogged or worn and should be replaced.


  • Another possible cause is that the suction assembly is not sealing properly. Check the washer in the female fitting.


  • Check the suction filter to make sure it is clean.


  • The inlet and/or outlet valve may be worn. Check the outlet valve by using a 3/4" or adjustable wrench to remove it. Using a pen, press against the ball at the bottom of the valve. This ball should move no more than 1/8". If it moves easily and/or farther than 1/8", replace the valve. If the outlet valve passes this test, replace the inlet valve.


  • The last possibility is a leaking suction assembly. If you have checked all of the items above, replace the suction assembly.