Campbell Hausfeld pressure washers offer four different types of lances with different procedures for activating the soap.


  • If your unit has a metal lance that comes with five different-colored spray tips, install the black nozzle that is fastened as a quick connect. The black nozzle is used solely for applying soap.


  • If your unit has a plastic blue lance/spray nozzle, there is a plus/minus sign (+ / -) near the top of the nozzle. Twist the blue tip all the way toward the minus (-) sign to activate the soap.


  • If your unit has a black adjustable lance, look down the nozzle where you see two metal blades inside. Twist the nozzle and the blades will spread apart. When the two blades have been spread apart, the nozzle will pop out about 1/2" and be ready for soap application.


  • If your unit has a high-pressure soap lance with a blue tank, just pull the nozzle out (there are no metal blades inside, but an orifice instead) to activate soap application.