How to Change Air Compressor Oil


Oil-lubed air compressors are a popular choice due to the longer product life compared to their oil-free counterparts. This means they require regular oil changes-just like a car engine would. Changing your air compressor’s oil is important not only to its product life, but also the efficiency of the machine.



Before draining oil, it is important to run the air compressor and warm up the oil. This will allow the allow to flow more freely from the pump.

Step 1: Position a pan under pump end of unit.

Step 2: Remove oil drain plug. Allow oil to collect in pan

Step 3: Replace drain plug.

Step 4: Locate oil fill cap or breather on pump (will vary depending on pump style). Slowly fill pump to full level as indicated on dipstick or sight glass using a high-quality air compressor oil. We recommend Mobil 1 10w-30 synthetic motor oil.

Step 5: Replace breather/fill cap on pump.