Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor, 2-Gallon Hot Dog Oilless .36 CFM .33HP 120V 3A (FP209000AV) product image center

2 Gallon Oil-Free Air Compressor (FP209000AV)

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Score: 4.06. Votes: 18
Score: 4.06. Votes: 18
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  • Perry L Herritz
    Jul 28, 2018, 17:56
    Great little compressor for fulling my motorcycle and push cart tires. Very lite and portable.
  • John
    Oct 26, 2017, 21:00
    I have had the CH 2 gallon Hot dog compressor sense mid 2008. Installed it and power inverter into the tool box in my trucks bed. My idea was to use it for emergency flat repairs, instead I added some air horns (from The compressor never seamed to hold air pressure for more then a day (likely from the double swivel i added) sense it seeped and I would regularly use the horns the compressor ran constantly. Two years ago I had to take it all apart and replace the electric motors brushes, they had worn down to nothing one was actually gone. After the repair it ran flawlessly again. After that I replaced the bottom vent with a 150psi Pop off valve, and rigged up a chain to pull and vent any moisture and debris, worked great. Recently it seamed to run constantly, seemed more violent then before and had no pressure. I found I broke a brass elbow fitting to my Pop off valve, fixed the leak and found the tank would hold pressure but wouldn't make it. I discovered the piston wrist pin had walked out and deeply gouged the cylinder which must've spun and then gouged a second spot. With constant use for nearly 10 years, unnecessary upgrades, and irregular maintenance (draining every year or two) this compressor has really held up! I would absolutely recommend it. I will be buying another and using the old tank to double to air capacity.