Air compressor maintenance is vital to increasing the life of your unit. One simple and easy step that you can take is to drain the moisture from the compressor tank. Whether you own a small 2 gallon or an industrial 80 gallon unit the process is essentially the same.


The first step is to make sure your compressor is turned off. This could be unplugging it from the outlet or just making sure the switch is in the off position. Next, reduce the pressure in the tank to under 10 PSI. To release pressure, pull the ring on the ASME safety valve. For safety, it is recommended that you wear safety glasses when doing this step. You can deflect the air by shielding the valve with one hand as you pull the ring with the other hand. Continue pulling until the tank is empty.




Step three, locate the tank drain valve. This is typically on the underside of the tank. Open the drain valve and allow the moisture to drain from the tank. Tilt the tank to remove any remaining moisture. When completely drained close the tank drain valve.